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What realty agents won’t tell you, … because they can’t Print E-mail

By Amy Hoak, from Marketwatch

“Fair-housing laws prevent agents from talking about neighborhood demographics, and
they often don’t want to discuss other details, such as crime stats. Luckily, the Web picks
up where agents leave off.

“Steve Roddel was walking through a house in Fort Wayne, Ind., when he wondered aloud
whether there were any sex offenders living in the neighborhood.
Instead of commenting on her own, the real estate agent showing the home quickly pulled
out her cell phone, connected to its Web browser and brought up Family Watchdog, a
national sex-offender-registry Web site. Little did she know that she was standing with
the site’s founder and CEO.
A real estate agent can be a wealth of information about a house. So a homebuyer who
asks what crime is like in the neighborhood might be surprised when the agent defers the
question, directing a client to the Web or local police instead.”

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Fair Housing Resources Print E-mail

Link to fair housing resources on the Michigan Association of Realtors web site.

Intro – “The Michigan Association of REALTORS® has provided the following resources to assist its members in helping families realize the American dream. these resources are designed to help REALTORS® follow, implement and understand fair housing law.”

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Housing Opportunity Program Print E-mail

ImageHelp Your Clients Understand How To Avoid Predatory Lending

From the National Association of Realtors – Your clients (and future clients) will be better equipped to avoid predatory loans if you give them the latest brochure in the series “Shopping for a Mortgage? Do Your Homework First.”

For most families, buying a home is the biggest and smartest purchase they will ever make. Finding an affordable home loan with fair terms and reasonable costs is one of the most important steps when buying a home. Unfortunately, predatory lenders take advantage of homebuyers who may end up with loans that cause undue financial hardship. These loans can quickly lead to foreclosure and even bankruptcy.

Produced jointly by NAR and the Center for Responsible Lending, this 5-panel brochure allows REALTORS® to help consumers learn the warning signs of predatory loans and how to shop for a mortgage that is fair and affordable.

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MAR Guide to Fair Housing Brochure Print E-mail

ImageA REALTOR’S GUIDE TO HOUSING OPPORTUNITY from the Michigan Association of Realtors…

Intro – The key to fair housing when working with prospective buyers is providing equal professional service. The Michigan Association of REALTORS® has adopted the National Association of REALTORS’® Equal Professional Service Model.
This states:
• Use systematic procedures
• Obtain objective information
• Let the customer set the limits
• Provide a variety of choices
• Document the service you provide

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Fair Housing Handbook – Third Edition Print E-mail

ImageFrom the National Association of Realtors

The most comprehensive Fair Housing resource!

This handbook is an excellent resource for fair housing guidance. It is the most comprehensive fair housing resource available in the industry.

• Suggested fair housing office procedures
• Background on fair housing regulations
• Samples of the HUD Equal Housing Opportunity poster logo
• Equal service report forms
• Information on the NAR/HUD partnership
• Self-assessment questionnaire

A great resource for brokers, agents and associations.

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ImageFrom the Fair Housing Center of Metropolitan Detroit.

Intro – The following are some basic fair housing guidelines for sales agents and brokers who provide assistance in the sale of residential and commercial properties in Michigan. These guidelines are based on relevant State and Federal fair housing laws, court decisions and legal opinions that have interpreted those laws. If you have any questions or desire additional information, be sure to contact your attorney and/ or the Fair Housing Center.

Sales agents and brokers, their employers and the owners of properties for sale are legally responsible for compliance with all relevant fair housing laws. A complaint alleging unlawful discrimination can be filed against you individually and/ or your employer or the owner of the property. An owner may be held esponsible even if the unlawful action was engaged in by the agent or broker because the duty to obey the law is non-delegable…

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MI Dept of Civil Rights Fair Housing – three fold brochure Print E-mail

ImageFrom the MI Department of Civil Rights

Intro – “Fair housing laws prohibit discrimination in any activity relating to the sale or rental of dwellings, financing or insuring housing, the terms and conditions related to housing, or harassment that is based on your race, color, religion, national origin, or sex.

It is also unlawful for a landlord or other housing agent to harass a person based on any of the bases listed above, or to sexually harass a tenant, prospective buyer or renter. Fair housing laws make it unlawful to deny you housing because you are disabled. You are entitled…

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Q&A: Working with Sellers Print E-mail

ImageFrom the Fair Housing Pocket Guide published by the National Association of Realtors (©1998). The following questions illustrate fair housing issues you may frequently confront in your day-to-day business. Read through each section, paying attention to the issues represented by the questions and answers. A number of common questions about fair housing are listed, along with suggested answers to guide your responses. Keep this guide for quick reference…

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Article Print E-mail

ImageWatch Your Ads. From the Michigan Association of Realtors. By Gary Albrecht, MAR Public Policy Communications. Copywright 2006, MAR.

Intro – How do you make the property you are trying to sell grab the attention of homebuyers without violating the Fair Housing Act (FHA)? The real estate industry is becoming more advanced and competitive every day, and making your property stand out from the rest can be challenging; the insurgence of the Internet and the use of Multiple Listing Services (MLS) have given the customer a tool that allows them to view hundreds of…

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ImageYou’re Always Being Tested. From the Michigan Association of Realtors. By Brian Westrin, J.D., Manager of Legal Affairs. Copywright 2006 MAR.

Intro – There is always the threat that a representative from a state fair housing center or another national fair housing proponent will walk into a particular office or open house and discover that fair housing violations have been committed. There is an element of
fear involved in this continuing threat. This fear can lead to two very different courses of action. On the one hand, a broker owner could seek to safeguard his or her office by
mandating strict adherence to fair housing law and equal treatment. He or she could accomplish this by sponsoring fair housing training and testing within the brokerage, creating an attitude among agents…

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Article – Fair Housing, Fair Policies & Procedures, Fair Warning Print E-mail

ImageFrom NCI Associates – Copywright 2006 – by Jack Waller, J.D., GRI, RAM

Intro – “Recent developments in fair housing investigation and enforcement have raised this important issue to new heights. This may seem strange since it’s not as if our industry has lacked for awareness and compliance training. However, as long as a few real estate licensees continue to ignore, evade, or act in defiance of the law, further testing will continue.

“Fair housing violations are insidious because they often “sneak” into a transaction as a nefarious attitude harbored in the heart or mind of a seller, buyer, or agent. While such an attitude may not result in a discernable act of discrimination, the impact on the innocent may be profound and last for years (remember your childhood when you were the last kid picked in the backyard ball game)…”












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