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Opportunity Knocks! Fair Housing In Real Estate Print E-mail

ImagePart of the Michigan Consolidated Association of Realtor’s Risk Reduction Series.

This course discusses rules set forth by the Fair Housing Authority, what an agent can and cannot say in person or print, what actions are and are not acceptable by agents and landlords as well as reverse discrimination.

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Fair Housing Training Kit Print E-mail

ImageFrom the Michigan Association of Realtors

Fair Housing Training Kit Outline and Instructions
Documents included in kit:
Equal Opportunity Brochure
NAR Fair Housing Quiz with Answers
Discussion Case Hannah v Sibcy Cline REALTORS®
Summary of Key Fair Housing Laws
Sales Agent/Broker Fair Housing Guide

PDF File

MAR Guide to Fair Housing Guide Brochure Print E-mail

ImageA REALTOR’S GUIDE TO HOUSING OPPORTUNITY from the Michigan Association of Realtors.

Intro – The key to fair housing when working with prospective buyers is providing equal professional service. The Michigan Association of REALTORS® has adopted the National Association of REALTORS’® equal Professional Service Model.
This states:
• Use systematic procedures
• Obtain objective information
• Let the customer set the limits
• Provide a variety of choices
• Document the service you provide…

PDF File

Study Michigan’s Fair Housing Act of 1968 – Lesson Plan Print E-mail

ImageFrom the State of Michigan government web site

Intro = “The Detroit riot of 1967 shocked Michigan. In response, the state legislature adopted new civil rights laws which dealt with civil liberties, housing and the right to vote. Michigan passed its Fair Housing Act of 1968 which made it illegal to refuse to rent or sell a home to an individual because of that person’s race.

“At the national level, the Civil Rights Bill of 1968, including Title VIII (Fair Housing Act), nondiscriminatory housing measures, was signed into law (amended, 1988). To further prevent incidents of redlining, Congress passed the Federal Home Mortgage Disclosure Act in 1975.

“Sometimes laws are written and then repealed… ”

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Article – Steps to keep you on the right side of Fair Housing Print E-mail

ImageArticle from the Michigan Association of Realtors. (Copyright © 2005 Michigan Association of REALTORS®)

Intro – “I am convinced that good-natured REALTORS® get sucked into the Fair Housing Vortex because of lack of understanding. . The purpose of this article is to slam that door and bolt it shut! April was Fair Housing month, but the following steps are time proven and should be used year round.

“The mortal enemy of litigation is consistency and systems. A good system can be your get out of jail free card. Get a system and keep good notes. It is my sad duty to report that the average REALTOR uses giblets of paper or the back of a deal folder as the preferred record-keeping system. While in the heat of the moment this may seem convenient and even practical, in a court of law it usually illustrates a lack…”

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Fair Housing Sales Presentation Print E-mail

ImageA presentation by the National Association Realtors on fair housing. This is a MS PowerPoint presentation file. Can be viewed online, or downloaded and customized (right-click on the link ‘Read More’, select “Save Target As” to download to your PC).


Course Agenda

Introduction to Fair Housing
Video Presentation and Discussion
Working with Sellers
Advertising and Promotion
Working with Buyers
Complaint Procedures and Penalties

Course Review

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Fair Housing Log Sheet Print E-mail

ImageA log sheet that can be used to record any fair housing information. Created by MSHDA (Michigan State Housing Development Authority).












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